Why you need more languages on your website

Most important reasons why you should have multi-language website

1. Reaching out to more users

According to UNESCO we have around 6500 languages in the world. Limiting your website to just 1 simply limits the amount of potential users that can use it. Adding few more languages that are used in your area or used by your potential customers may significantly increase the potential of your website.

2. Show to the world that you are open to other cultures

Your website works like a shop window display. In many cases it is the first place where your customers are learning about your business. By presenting an option to use other language you are showing to the world that you are open to business with other countries, other cultures and minorities in you area.

3. Improve the conversion rate

Potential customers are always more keen to use products or services that have the clear description that they fully understand.

4. Increase your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Having well prepared website in few languages is a clear indicator for search engines like Google that they can serve this website in their results to more people. Better ranking in Google and other search engines means more visits on your website.

5. Prevent the automated translations

Many web browsers like Chrome have the option to automatically translate your website to users language. When using this option the visitor is being served with the content that in many cases is poor quality and in many cases do not make any sense. Best way to prevent automatic translation is to have prepared version of the page that the user wants to use.